Nicaraguan Caribbean Kitchen is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews!

Kya Gorenflo-Verhagen

Really good healthy food. Home made and fresh. We ate here a couple of days ago and I recommend it to everyone. Owners are very friendly people who know what they are doing. Definitely a place to revisit!


Best fried Ribs ever !!!
The whole fish is also Awesome !!
Not in the best part of town but great food !
Very nice family owners

By Mike M.


My first stop here. Exceptionally clean restaurant. Not big, but we were seated immediately. The owner came out and greeted us in Spanish & English and took our orders. Soon, she returned with our plates, and everything looked great. Good, simple food served piping hot and delicious. I had a rice and bean dish, and ate every bite. I'll definitely be back

By Greg J.


Great food
Lovely atmosphere
Super friendly staff
Reminds me of being in the country

By Tony M.


This is a very humble and unassuming restaurant that hides some seriously authentic Nicaraguan cuisine. We tried the tacos nicas (Nicaraguan tacos, the beef steak, and the fried ribs. They were all very tasty, but my favorite was the fried ribs plate.

By Blue S.

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